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Friday link euphoria (22/01/2010)

Well, another week has past and I’m not doing too well with this whole project52 thingy. Nor have I even really attempted to get the lost comments back (the automated database backup failed, I will go hunting for comments in the google cache like Michael suggested).

But, as I mentioned in my last post , I always have some link goodness for you from my shared reader items

So here we go, some friday link euphoria:


Recommended reading

As I mentioned on twitter from now on I will make an effort of being more disciplined with sharing stuff from my feed reader.

I use google feed reader every day to keep up with what’s going on in the world of web design and development (and some other more whacky stuff). Some of it I bookmark on delicious but to get a more readable and complete stream of my shared stuff head on over to my shared items page . Of course there’s an rss feed, too

And as Rik suggested I might even make it a weekly feature here on the blog posting the latest links of the week. Here are the ten latest links for your enjoyment:

tobestobs’ shared items

[Update:] I’ve changed the list of recent items to pure HTML. I was using the javascript snippet google reader suggests. But that is neither a very semantic way of doing it nor does it show up in google reader itself (if you’re subscribed to my feed)


All the comments are gone..

Call me a genius, I managed to delete all the comments from the blog (yes, all of them) when getting rid of spam comments. Another proof of how spam ruins everything. Or not thinking about what you’re doing.

I’m currently trying to get my hands on a proper backup of the database, but it doesn’t look good (you know how it is with backups). If worst comes to worst, all the comments since mindgarden moved to the new server might be gone forever. So if you left a comment on mindgarden and it isn’t there anymore, it’s not because I don’t like you and deleted it.

In the meantime, far more serious things are going on in the world. So please go ahead and donate some money for Haiti if you haven’t done so yet


Dude, I'm a published author now

This year’s fourth issue of the german Webstandards Magazin should hit the stores today. And I feel very honoured to be one of the authors contributing to this issue. My article is about the HTML5 and CSS3 that I used to relaunch mindgarden.de and is called “HTML5 und CSS3 - Mal was Neues wagen: HTML- und CSS-Features von Browsern im Praxiseinsatz.”

Unfortunately I haven’t received my copy yet and it’s not being sold here in England, but if you happen to be in Germany go pick up your copy today and let me know what you think!

Cover of the magazine


magnum version 1.1

DonaKiLLeR (Six Fast Sons) by khem93

Yesterday I’ve updated the magnum website starter kit on github to version 1.1

Included in the kit now are the modernizr library (hop over to Yaili’s article on the Web Designer Notebook for more on modernizr) and a sample implementation of font embedding.

The font embedding uses the very nice Sorts Mill Goudy from the League of Movable Type

Go to the github page to download magnum

(image by khem93)

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